Thanks to RCSI’s continued support and recognition of our Patient and Public Involvement work, we had the pleasure to sit down with our PPI collaborators and enjoy a relaxing lunch in appreciation of their valuable contributions thus far.

At RCSI’s Research Day 2022, PPI Ignite awarded the iPASTAR group ‘Best Presentation’ in acknowledgment of our close working relationship with our Stroke Champions and our PPI group’s numerous activities including assistance with the design of patient info leaflets, survey content, and website accessibility to name a few.

We feel honored and privileged to be working with such an insightful and articulate group. A huge thank you to our Patient and Public Involvement Stroke Champions and extended panel. Our research would not be evolving the way it is today without your continued collaboration and support. We look forward to sharing more about our PPI group and it’s positive impact on our research in the near future