Public and Patient Involvement (PPI)

The patient voice is central to the iPASTAR programme ethos. We aim to ensure the voices of those affected by stroke are central to our research. This gives our research meaning and relevance and will ensure its effectiveness.

Our PPI partnerships began in 2019 through the gathering of a group of people who, for personal or professional reasons, have a deep interest in improving the quality of stroke care, rehabilitation and prevention.

Through round-table discussions, and in a PPI format of open discussion with exchange of ideas and experiences, key areas of stroke care were identified for focused research. These areas became the four pillars on which the iPASTAR programme was developed – acute care and equity of access, transitions of care on discharge, living well after stroke and stroke prevention, and finally the costs and in particular, the hidden costs, of stroke.

Through co-design and in advisory roles our PPI partners are central to this programme and will be key to its success.

We thank all of our PPI partners for their time and dedication to improving stroke care at all parts of the stroke pathway.

Mary Scullion, iPASTAR PPI Partner

“I feel very strongly that the patient voice should be represented in research”